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Our Programs 

3K and Pre-K Programs- Early Childhood Education

Staten Island, NY


      In our Pre-K for All and 3-K programs “WE NURTURE AND GROW“. The teaching staff integrates and responds to the knowledge of children, child development, and content across the domains of learning to plan and adapt instruction, aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcome Framework (ELOF) and the Pre-K Foundation for Common Core (PKFCC).

        Using the Creative Curriculum teachers plan activities around each student’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. Our teaching approaches use play experiences to help children learn skills and concepts. The activities encourage exploration, creativity, and problem-solving. Teachers work with the children to enhance their learning and development in all of the following areas; social-emotional, creativity/aesthetic, physical, language/literacy, and intellectual.



STEAM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, art and math. STEAM education gets students to ask questions and solve problems that relate to the world they live in. Using the engineering process, students identify problems, design possible solutions, and test those solutions. PreK STEAM/Science features hands-on activities and group discussions that encourage students to develop and test theories. PreK STEAM/Science uses the STEAM concepts (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) in all of our curriculum. This includes emphasis in the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional domains of development.


Physical Education

At the Richmond PreK Center, we believe that physical education is imperative for a healthy body. As early as preschool age, children can be introduced to indoor physical education games that promote gross motor skills, such as kicking, skipping, galloping and running. Each of our sites is equipped with an indoor gym or an age appropriate outdoor playground. Students learn to follow oral directions and build social skills when playing games with their peers.



We at the Richmond PreK Center , we believe music is a very important part of the PreK experience. Music is simply the most engaging, successful way to give three and four-year old’s memorable and meaningful learning experiences.



Process-based art activities allow our preschoolers to explore and experiment as a way to expand their creativity. Art is a natural activity to support free play in children.  The freedom to manipulate different materials in an unstructured way allows for exploration and experimentation. These artistic endeavors and self-directed explorations are not only fun, but educational as well. Allowing students to focus on the product of their imagination is vital to their individuality.

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