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Our Mission

At the Richmond Pre-K Center, we believe all children can learn. Our Pre-K Centers' mission is to present opportunities for children to grow and develop as emerging learners within a complex society. The Richmond Pre-K Center provides a learning environment conducive to learning and allows for personal development. Our staff strives to provide the children with the ingredients necessary to build a solid foundation as each child evolves into a lifelong learner. 


Our Vision 

Our model is designed to ensure that Preschoolers have Joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and life. At the Richmond Pre-K Center, teachers use a thematic play approach that allows children to differentiate between real and pretend. Our Early Childhood Education Program is designed to help develop the whole child physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, thus, promoting a positive self-concept to enhance creativity and enrich each child’s life. Using the guiding principles of the NYS Pre-K foundation for the Common Core and ELOF, we strive to provide an atmosphere of acceptance in which the individual need of each child is considered. Our program allows opportunities to flourish and grow under the guidance of qualified Pre-K staff. The program is based on the developmental approach to early childhood education that places emphasis on learning skills that are geared to each child’s stage of readiness or development. Our curriculum supports an approach to learning which recognizes a research-based philosophy that young children learn best through play, discovery, and exploration of their immediate world, enabling them to convert their natural curiosity into the learning process. At the Richmond Pre-K Center, each child represents a beacon of light and hope for the future generations to come. Preschoolers will have the opportunity to DREAM BIG! And SUCCEED BIG!

We seek to:

Exceed expectations

Act with integrity

Succeed together

Inspire innovation as we Invest in people

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